Preschool Open Doors

The Preschool Open Doors (POD) program is now accepting applications for 2018-2019 year. Click here to download a PDF application.

Preschool Open Doors understands the importance of child care.  Preschool prepares children for kindergarten by teaching social skills and recognition of shapes and some letters.  It allows children to explore and discover their world in an environment where they learn through hands on play experiences.

Preschool Open Doors (POD) promotes school readiness by providing child care subsidies to eligible families for the year prior to kindergarten.  The Department of Human Services (DHS) contracts with PATCH to run the program.  The DHS administers the program.

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The Department of Human Services (DHS) announced we will be accepting applications for the Preschool Open Doors (POD) program starting January 2 through March 29, 2018.

Applications received in this period are for consideration for the POD program period from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019. Applications will be accepted for children born August 1, 2013 through July 31, 2014.

Families affected by the change to the kindergarten entry age are encouraged to apply. With the assistance of $11.6 million in subsidies, the POD program provides child care payments to eligible families so their child is able to receive a preschool experience before entry into kindergarten. Priority for program selection is detailed in the POD administrative rules which can be found at the DHS website.

Download the PDF application packet or call our Preschool Open Doors staff to request an application: Oahu: 791-2130 or Neighbor Islands: 1-800-746-5620 (toll-free).

Applications must be received at the Oahu PATCH office by March 29, 2017 to be considered for the July 2018 through June 2019 POD program period.

The address for Oahu PATCH office is:
PATCH — Preschool Open Doors
560 North Nimitz Highway, Suite 218
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817

FAX: 808-694-3066

Applicants are encouraged to apply early to ensure the March 29, 2018 deadline is met.

For additional information please contact us at 791-2130 (Oahu) or 1-800-746-5620 (toll-free for neighbor islands). Eligible families will be notified in writing of the status of their child’s Preschool Open Doors Subsidy award no later than June 30, 2018.

Monthly Gross Income Eligibility Limit

2 $3,718
3 $4,680
4 $5,643
5 $6,605
6 $7,568
7 $8,530
8 $9,493
9 $10,456
10 $11,419
11 $12,382

PATCH – Preschool Open Doors
560 North Nimitz Highway, Suite 218
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817

Fax: 808.694.3066

For Additional Information, Please Contact Us at
808.791.2130 (Oahu) or 1.800.746.5620 (Toll-Free for Neighbor Islands).