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Training Tracks Newsletter

PATCH Training Newsletters

Here are the latest issues of the PATCH newsletter, filled with statewide information for child care professionals which include family child care providers, preschool staff, infant/toddler care givers, informal care providers and anyone who is caring for Hawaii's young children.


Fall 2016 Training Tracks (October-December)


Summer 2016 Training Tracks (July-September) 8/16-Rev3
Fall 2015 Training Tracks (October-December)
Training Tracks SUMMER 2015 (July-September)
Training Tracks SPRING 2015 (April-June)
Training Tracks WINTER 2015 (January-March)

Training Tracks WINTER 2014 (January-March)

2013 issues:

Training Tracks SUMMER 2013 (July-September)
Training Tracks SPRING 2013 (April-June)
Training Tracks WINTER 2013 (January-March)

2012 issues:

Training Tracks FALL 2012 (October-December)
Training Tracks SUMMER 2012 (July-September)
Training Tracks SPRING 2012 (April-June)
Training Tracks WINTER 2012 (January-March)

2011 issues:

2010 issues:
Training Tracks FALL 2010 (October - December)
Training Tracks SUMMER 2010 (July - September)
Training Tracks SPRING 2010 (April - June)
Training Tracks WINTER 2010 (January - March)
2009 issues:
Training Tracks FALL 2009 (October - December)
Training Tracks SUMMER 2009 (July - September)
Training Tracks SPRING 2009 (April - June)
Training Tracks WINTER 2009 (January - March)
2008 issues:
Training Tracks FALL 2008 issue
Training Tracks SUMMER 2008 issue
Training Tracks SPRING 2008 issue
Training Tracks WINTER 2008 issue
These issues include training schedules for all islands. To sign up for classes, please contact your local PATCH office in advance.

To get our PATCH Training Catalog a listing of all the training classes PATCH has to offer, including the core/subject area focus click here.

In an effort to ease your training plans, PATCH also has organized our classes into different series. To get more information on PATCH Training Series click here.

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FREE Online Training for Child Care Providers
PATCH recommends all child care providers take a free one hour course on preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

The facts:
SIDS is the leading cause of death for our young infants, age 1-12 months. Because we don't know what causes SIDS, safe sleep practices should be used to reduce the risk.

Safe Sleep Training:
AAP's online one hour training is free for child care providers.

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