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Ohana Network Newsletter

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Fall 2016 October -December Issue: 10 things you should know about child's play. Preschool Open Doors accepting applications September-October 2016. Learn about infant/toddler development ONLINE in live webinars, events, resources, and more!

2016 Issues:

Summer 2016 Issue-July-September 2016. Spend time with your child outdoors as they learn, have fun and stay safe. Join us! PATCH's Annual Fundraiser Sunday Brunch October 2. Child care news, resources, etc.

Spring 2016 Issue-April-June 2016. Articles on what to expect as young children develop and protecting kids from mosquito borne illness, Preschool Open Doors applications accepted this MAY, and family resources, events, and news.

Winter 2016 Issue-January-March 2016. How to handle separation anxiety, FUN family rituals, news and resources. Notification: Preschool Open Doors applications accepted February-March 2016. 

2015 Issues:

Fall 2015 Issue-October-December 2015. Math and how it helps kids make sense of their world, our thanks to donors, congratulations to "Hawaii's favorites" winners, plus news, resources and more.

Summer 2015 Issue-July-September 2015. Articles on toddlers TV/screen time and advertising, child development, PATCH Enhanced Referrals, eLearning, our Annual Benefit Dinner, plus news, resources for families, and more!

Spring 2015 Issue-April-June 2015 Allergy relief for your children, PATCH eLearning classes for ALL who care for kids, family friendly events, our Annual Benefit Dinner and Hawaii's Favorites contest, news, resources for families, and more!

Winter 2015 Issue-January-March 2015. How to give your kids clear directions, accepting Preschool Open Doors applications for 2015-2016 program year from March 1-April 30 2015, statewide mandatory kindergarten enrollment, plus news, events, resources, etc.


Prior Year PATCH `Ohana Network Newsletters:

2014 Issues:

Fall 2014 Issue-October-December 2014: Stories on family engagement in child care, information on buying/selling Second Hand stuff, especially nursery products. Special Preschool Open Doors October enrollment, plus events, resources for families, etc.

Summer 2014 Issue--July-Sep 2014: Stories on moving on to kindergarten and summer child safety--look before you lock! You can enroll kids in pre-kindergarten at 18 DOE preschools or join a Family Hui. Plus our regular events calendar, resources for families and more.

Spring 2014 Issue: April-June 2014: Running errands with young ones, Resources for families, Preschool Open Doors subsidy enrollment (ends 4/30). FREE Kids In The House video. Nominate your "Favorite Preschool Teacher and Family Child Care Provider" of the year!

Winter 2014 Issue: January-March 2014 Kindergarten enrollment changes, FREE video, PATCH enhanced referrals, update on Preschool Open Doors child care subsidy, resource, events calendar, and more!

2013 Issues:

Fall 2013 Issue: October-December 2013 Kindergarten enrollment changes, free health insurance for kids, family rituals and routines, PATCH webinars for child care beginners and professionals, plus our regular events calendar with job fairs, exhibitions, etc.

Summer 2013 Issue:
July-September 2013 Child safety and development, PATCH webinars for child care beginners and I/T professionals, regular events calendar with conferences, exhibitions, and more! Thank you Annual Benefit sponsors/donors and Congratulations winners and finalists of our Hawaii's Favorites Contest.

Spring 2013 Issue
: April-June 2013 Activities for keiki to develop fine motor skills, talking to your preschooler about dos and don'ts of drugs/medicines, how PATCH helps anyone interested in child care. Resources on preschool subsidies, tax credits, events, and more! 

Winter 2013 issue: January-March 2013 Reading aloud to your keiki and all about sugar-sweetened beverages. Kindergarten and Preschool Open Doors open enrollment, PATCH online training, free health insurance for children and youth, resources for parents, etc.

2012 Issues

Fall 2012 issue:
October-December 2012 Every day science and math activities to do with your keiki, food allergies and the accreditation of early childhood programs. Includes events calendar, and resources for parents and families.

Summer 2012 issue: July-September 2012 Gardening activities for you and your keiki.  Enhanced referrals for parents and companies and e-learning opportunies. Announcing winners of Hawaii's Favorite Preschool Teacher and Family Child Care Provider contest.

Spring 2012 issue: April-June 2012 Safe and healthy child care information, activities with your keiki, stress relief and anger management articles.  Preschool Open Doors open enrollment announcement, events calendar, and resources for parents.

Winter 2012 issue:  January-March 2012  Contains articles on fatherhood, understanding children's behavior and preventing choking on small parts; Kindergarten and Preschool Open Doors open enrollment; resources and information for parents, etc.


2011 Issues

Fall 2011 Issue: October-December 2011 Features school readiness activities to prepare your child for preschool, articles about influenza in children and choosing the right car seat.  Contains our regular events calendar, Children and Youth events, etc.

Summer 2011 Issue: July-September 2011 Math/Science activities to do with your keiki, important announcements, parent workshops, online child care training, quality care program information, our thanks to sponsors of PATCH 2011 Annual Benefit.  Mahalo!

Spring 2011 Issue: April-June 2011 Preparing for and dealing with disasters, bullying, legislature for early childhood education and care, Preschool Open Doors open enrollment, Tax credits and assistance, Hawaii's Favorite Child Care Provider/Preschool Teacher contest and more parenting information!

Winter 2011 Issue: January-March 2011 Events, info and articles on science activities and children and the media.Kindergarten and Preschool Open Doors open enrollment, FREE Life Insurance which provides for your child's education, and other resources.


2010 Issues

Fall 2010 Issue: October-December 2010 Features science activities you can do with children, from infancy onwards and articles about the high price of child care, an events calendar and a big Mahalo to our Annual Meeting & Benefit dinner "Preschool" Level sponsors.

Summer 2010 Issue: July-September 2010  With ways to support your child's early learning, reduce aggressive behavior in young children, information about a free vision, hearing and developmental screening program for Oahu 2-5 yr olds, upcoming events, etc.

Spring 2010 Issue: April-June 2010  Articles on playing with your infant and biting, information on child care emergency financial assistance, free health insurance services, Preschool Open Doors program open enrollment, etc.

Winter 2010 Issue: January-March 2010 Features articles on supporting your child's early learning and best practices for parent-caregiver communication.  Kindergarten registration and Preschool Open Doors program open enrollment information.


2009 Issues

Fall 2009 Issue: October-December 2009 In this issue: Making Halloween Fun and Safe, Problem Solving for Toddlers, event calendar, plus FREE PATCH Memberships for Providers who sign up for Quality Care or Food Program before the end of the year.  

Summer 2009 Issue: July-September 2009 Tells you how to get kids back in the school 'groove', and has information about Safe Sleep, Free Health Insurance for kids and Quality Care.

Spring 2009 Issue: April-June 2009 Contains articles about how investing in children and high quality child care is investing in our nation's success and establishing a back-up plan for your child care.

Winter 2009 Issue: January-March 2009 With articles on fostering positive social skills to ensure your child's success and on how you impact your child's perceptions and attitudes about difference.


2008 Issues

Fall 2008 Issue: October-December 2008 Tells you how to keep your keiki safe outdoors this summer and has tips to help children adjust now that it is Back-to-School time.

Summer 2008 Issue: July-September 2008 Information on how to keep your keiki safe outdoors this summer and has tips to help children adjust now that it is Back-to-School time.

Spring 2008 Issue: April-June 2008 This issue provides tips on preparing your preschooler for summer fun.

Winter 2008 Issue: January-March 2008 Focuses on the importance of a good night's sleep for your child. Plus the Top Five home safety hazards, early childhood community resources and much more.

Each quarter, PATCH is proud to bring to you PATCH 'Ohana Network, a resource newsletter for Hawaii's families. 'Ohana Network highlights community programs  share parenting tips and much, much more!