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Child Abuse and Prevention

Abused children carry physical, emotional and psychological scars for life. They often suffer from low self-esteem and hopelessness, which could result in destructive behaviors, at risk sexual activity, alcohol and drug abuse, delinquency, and suicidal behavior. Many abused children grow up to be abusive adults. Eighty percent of child abusers were once abused as children.

Child Protective Services
If you are worried about a child’s safety, you can call the following Child Protective Service (CPS) numbers, or Police (911), to make a report, which may be anonymous.

Oahu 808-832-5300
East Hawaii 808-933-0350
West Hawaii 808-327-4787
Maui 808-243-5143
Molokai 808-553-1073
Kauai 808-274-3320
Lanai 808-565-7102

Free Respite Services

  • Parents and Children Together (PACT) Respite Program - 808-841-7462
  • Time Out Services, Inc. - Waianae 808-696-3482, Wahiawa 808-621-4871