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From Clients/Parents:

"The PATCH referral specialist was very knowledgeable and guided me to finding the right school for my son and my lifestyle. I love the fact she educated me with more than just a list of schools."  ~ Victoria Venkatamaran; Oahu mother using Referral Service, 2013

"Thanks to Preschool Open Doors my daughter was able to attend preschool since Fall. Your representatives were extremely helpful in locating schools and sent me a list of all the necessary information including cost, hours, licensing, etc." ~ Priscilla Lee; West Hawaii parent using Preschool Open Doors &  Referral Programs, 2012Fotolia Father

"It's hard juggling work and having time to look for child care. I'd prefer to use all my extra time on my Keikis. Whenever  a parent comes to the same situation  I had, without second thoughts, PATCH comes right  out of my mouth."  ~ Kevin Cabural; Oahu father using PATCH Referral Service, 2012

 "I contacted a few providers on the list and am already using one. So far they seem to be working out just fine. I am very satisfied with your services. Thanks so much!"  ~ East Hawaii parent who used Referral Service, 2012

"I was stressing because I only had a little time before I started work . . it was hard at first to find a daycare with openings. But it was great that I had such a large list of references to use. I don't think I could have found a daycare in time without your help."  ~ Jenn Billaber; Oahu parent using Referral Service, 2012

"This is such a wonderful organization, especially for first time mommies who don't know where to get help and for those who are busy. Michelle was friendly and responded quickly to my requests."  ~ Oahu mother using PATCH Referral Service, 2013   

From Child Care Professionals:

  Pictured: Career Counselor/Trainer Leia Snyder (Left) with Aja Kalama, Maui mother of three & Child Care Provider (right)

"Because of PATCH  night classes, patient  and helpful staff, I  have been able to  accomplish many  goals. . (and) I am now  working on my Child  Development  Associates (CDA)  degree. Recently I have  been hired at a  Preschool, and I love  working with  children."  ~ Aja  Kalama used the PATCH Referral, Recruitment, Training & CANOES Registry programs in 2013

"Each class has given valuable insight and skills for working with Infants/Toddlers and helped me towards my CDA goals and my work with Preschoolers. I know I can rely on PATCH to provide classes, counseling and a friendly learning environment to the community." ~ Charlene Drose; child care professional/student in Training Program, 2013 

"Without the Food Program reimbursements I couldn't provide the organic meals I serve and keep the parents' fees so affordable." ~ Yuana Garvin; Maui USDA Food Program member/Child Care Provider, 2013

"PATCH answers our every need. . . inquiries are handled with care and concern. Rosemaree assisted me from very beginning and followed me every step of the way. She is encouraging, supportive, and feels like my #1 fan... I'm her #1 fan. She makes me feel confident to have a successful business in child care." ~ Kuuleilani Weathington; Maui Potential Child Care Provider using Recruitment & Training Programs 2013 

"I appreciate the updates PATCH sends . . so I can share with families and staff about preschool tuition assistance, parent education, (etc).  I know families who have been helped by PATCH are positively affected and this significantly reduces the negative effects of inexperienced parenting on young children's lives." ~ W.P. Medeiros; Maui Manager of Private Preschool Program serving 90 children, 2013

 "Thank you for my scholarship check. You have helped me and my family immensely. We appreciate your support and encouragement in higher education." ~ Katie Meadows; Student receiving Scholarship Program Assistance, 2012

"Thank you for the nutritional kit. It has so much good info and I am excited about incorporating these ideas in my child care business. The DVD and pages for coloring are some things we have done this week. It is a start in the right direction." ~ Lori Rapoza; Oahu USDA Food Program member & Child Care Provider

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